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#122172 - Meaning she would be naked also!!!! She did her usual thorough job of washing me! Paying special attention to my dick! This of course caused me to get a raging hard-on,but Li never said anything,so I didn't! I do remember it feeling really good when she washed my cock though, and told her so! She just smiled and kissed me on the cheek telling me we were done! She put her nite gown and panties on, and I just put on my tightie whities! Before we got in the bed she dared me to sleep with no undies on I told her I would if she did! Much to my surprise she skinned those light blue panties right off! So I had to hurriedly take mine off, and jump under covers to hide the erection I had! After a little while of us talking and laughing she asked the question. My first time having any kind of sexual experience happened between my cousin Lisa and I when we were in our early teens! Lisa was the one to engage it by asking if I wanted her to suck my dick! Before I get into the details let me

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