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#82785 - Maryse steps closer, her hand wrapping around his hard shaft as she pulls his head down for a kiss, she pulls away and slide her hand up and down his shaft, sending shivers of pleasure through his body “My, my, my seems like somebody is very eager hmm?” Joe grins at her “That is an affirmative ma’am” Maryse smiles “I’m yours Joe, do with me just what you want to” Joe looks around then leads her to her desk, she gets a impish smile and hops onto the desk, Joe pulls her closer to the edge and she uses her hand to guide him to her wet lips, Joe kisses her gently as his head rests between her hot lips “You seem quite excited yourself” She looks at him “I did have almost a whole week to think about how good it will be, you really got me very excited with that tongue of yours on my nipples” Joe slowly pushes forward and she closes her eyes and breathe in deeply, Joe pushes deeper until he is fully embedded inside of her “Mmmm don’t move babe, just stay like t

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