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#127992 - There was a knock on the caravan door l stopped suckling and Silvia went to answer the door, l heard a man mumbling and she turned to look at me, l leapt from the settee and ran to the bed room leaving the door slightly ajar, next l saw Maurice enter the caravan they sat down and began kissing he didn’t hang about Maurice had her dress up and her knickers ripped off, she lay on the floor and opened her legs, he knelt between them pulled his trousers and pants down to his knees and lay on top, Maurice must have stuffed his cock into Silvia’s pussy because she let out ‘oh yes’ and straight away his arse was up and down between her legs, she raised her legs to embrace him, Maurice realised that his chest was becoming wet and saw Silvia’s breast milk oozing from her nipples, he began sucking her tits his moans became louder as he sucked, she held his head pressed against her tit, her breathing became short pants then Maurice asked if it was alright to shoot his load inside her, Silvia answ

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